Wolfoo Cooking: Making Snack

Wolfoo Cooking: Making Snack

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πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🍳 Welcome to Wolfoo's snack factory! This creative and entertaining factory has lots of fun cooking and packing activities in the kitchen. Let's run the factory with Wolfoo and complete customer orders to receive gifts! This is a game specially designed for childrens, they will enjoy the joy of cooking, expand their understanding of cooking utensils and food around. Children can make their own dishes by following the recipes provided.

🍳 Your baby can play many cooking games but in Wolfoo Cooking: Making Snack, childrens will be running their own food factory. Learn the production process and participate in the cooking with delicious snack recipes such as: cookies, apple pie, fruit jelly, seaweed, surprise chocolate eggs,... Vivid and vibrant graphics help entertain the kids and make cooking more fun. Wolfoo makes snacks to help develop children's recognition, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and memory. Let's step into the virtual snack factory world with Wolfoo!

So parents, download the game Wolfoo Cooking: Making Snack now so that your baby can learn to cook with Wolfoo!

πŸ” Suitable for both boys and girls.
πŸ” Stimulate children's ability to recognize images, colors and observations

🍽️ 6 SNACK RECIPES IN Wolfoo Cooking: Making Snack πŸ½οΈ
1. Biscuits: Mix ingredients like flour and eggs then knead the dough. Shape the cookies and put them in the oven
2. Fruit jelly: Choose a favorite fruit, then make juice from it. Add ingredients and mix well. Add pieces of fruit and red jelly to the mold
3. Apple pie: Mash the apples and pour them into the molds. Then pack it
4. Seaweed snack: Clean the seaweed then compress it into cubes. Put seaweed in mold and dry, then add dried onion, garlic, sesame and pack
5. Chocolate eggs: Mix cocoa powder, sugar, milk, etc. Then, pour the chocolate mixture into the mold, put it in the refrigerator to cool and add toys to the eggs.
6. Sausage: Grind meat and add spices. Sit into sausages and grill.

βœ… 6 snacks for your baby to explore and learn
βœ… Friendly interface, making it easy for children to perform operations in the game;
βœ… Stimulate children's concentration with fun animations and sound effects;
βœ… Characters familiar to children in the Wolfoo series.

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